EOX - "E-commerce that pays you"
A incentivized cryptocurrency E-commerce network built on the EOS blockchain

Live! EOX tokens will be immediately spendable after the beta goes live.

E-commerce 2.0

EOX is a decentralized E-commerce platform that allows EOS based cryptocurrency and crypto-assets to be spent.

EOX's goal is to facilitate a global commerce system that allows all goods and services to be transacted in cryptowithout relying on fiat currency.

  • Spendable Assets

    Any tokens built on EOS can be spent on the EOX network, which adds liquidity and values to the entire EOS ecosystem. 

  • Global E-commerce

    Due to the decentralized nature of EOS. EOX is a truly global platform that's not restricted by any geographical limits.

  • 100% transparancy 

    Billions of dollar are lost due to E-commerce fraud every year. EOX eliminates fraud by putting all transaction history on the blockchain.

  • Eliminate Middleman

    With EOS smart contracts, no middle man are needed for transactions,

  • 0% Fee

    Unlike traditional E-commerce platform where sellers are burdened with high fees, the EOX network charges sellers 0% fee.

  • Token Staking

    Both buyers and sellers are incentivized to stake EOX Tokens in the network, which grows in value as the whole network grows.

Spend crypto assets

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    Precious Metal
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Satoshi's Vision

Satoshi envisioned cryptocurrency to be "peer to peer electronic cash". However, very few people use cryptocurrency for everyday purchase due to high fees and slow transaction time. But this is about to change.

Tokens built on EOS has 0% fee and instantaneous transaction time. Cyptocurrency can finally be used on what it was originally designed for.


Programmable Payment

When seller makes money. The profit can be automatically paid to multiple accounts through smart contract. The profit can be used to pay marketting budgets, suppliers or social media influencers.

Social E-commerce

Why relying on a centralized institution like youtube for your only source of income? You can create a EOX page within minutes and start earning EOS as passive income without the hassle of handling and shipping products.

Identity Monetization

Today advertisers are monetizing your identity without paying you a cent. With EOX, you have a choice to release your personal information (such as shopping preferences) to business and get paid by them for your identity.


E-commerce that pays you

Social media influencers on Twitter, Youtube... can create their own E-commerce page listed with the products they picked.

Every time shoppers purchase from their page, the influencers get paid EOX tokens automatically by the smart contract.

Community Growth Fund

EOXCommerce will NOT be offering a public token sale.
60% of the total token supply will be allocated to the community growth fund in which early adopters will be rewarded tokens for joining the platform.

EOX utility token

Token Burn

Fees collected in the network are used to buy back EOX tokens in the open market to be burnt.

Airdrop to EOS holders

900,000,000 EOX tokens will be airdropped to EOS holders at 1:1 ratio using the EOS genesis snapshot

Airdrop to Beta tester

unsold tokens in the private pre-sale will be distributed to beta testers who registered: